Frequently asked questions

If you haven't found answer to your question here, please contact our support center by phone 0207 433 601.

Giftcard receiver

It is easy to redeem the gift card. Click the Redeem your gift card link at the top of the page and follow the instructions. Once you have chosen your gift product we will send it to you within 10 days.
Outdated gift cards cannot be redeemed.
The product range of Perfect Finnish gift cards changes continuously according to the season. That's why we recommend you to choose your gift conveniently on our website. If it is not possible for some reason, you can contact our customer service at +358 (0)207 433 601.
Items will be delivered using Postipaketti- or SmartPost delivery method. Deliveries only to Finland.
Gift cards cannot be exchanged for money.
Gift cards cannot be "upgraded" to another category by paying the difference.
It is only possible to redeem products is the category specified in the gift card. The product range varies according to seasons and availability, so if you can’t find a suitable product right now, you can wait a while and redeem you gift card at a later date. Don’t forget to redeem your gift during the period of validity of the card, however.
There is a one year warranty on all products that start from the delivery.

Giftcard buyer

We use the payment service of Suomen Verkkomaksut. You can make the payment through Finnish online banking or by credit card.
Certainly. Our sales team can be reached at +358 (0)207 433 604.
Product range:
You can prepare for your company a gift card with a unique range of items. The selection of gifts can be tailored completely as per your wishes in terms of both price and products. If you wish to discuss a tailored gift card, please call us at +358 (0)207 433 604.

The card:
The prices of the gift card include an online greeting which you can prepare in conjunction with the order. The online greeting is displayed when an electronic gift card is redeemed.

It is also possible to print the company logo and greeting in the dedicated space on page 2 of the card. In that case the material to be printed on the card shall be sent separately to Innoflame. The one-off cost of a customised greeting is € 90 + VAT.

We are happy to tell you more about the customised cards. Contact our customer service at +358 (0)207 433 604.
Yes. When ordering the gift card you can add a personal greeting and a picture, e.g. your company logo or a photo. This is included in the price of the gift card. I need a gift card quickly. How long does the delivery take? A gift card sent by e-mail will arrive almost immediately after the order. Printed cards will be delivered within two weeks, starting from the delivery of materials.
Gift cards purchased from the Perfect Finnish web shop are valid for one year from the date of purchase. The validity of a customized gift card can vary from the default validity. The period of validity of the gift card is always on the card.
The range of gifts varies in all categories according to the season. New products are added to replace sold out items, and so the selection is always up-to-date.